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  • The smallest in the world!
    Built–in Power Supply and Automatic Antenna Tuner
    Dimensions: w 28, h 14, d 32 cm. (connectors included)
    Weight: approx. 20 Kg.
  • The most technologically advanced in the world!
    Two CPUs are used, one of which is dedicated to the C.A.T.s.
    Pi-L output circuit.
    Over 13000 lines of SW for performances that cannot be found together in any other amplifier.
  • Fully Automatic!
    Easy connection with all models "ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD, FlexRadio, Eleccraft" for immediate management of the bands, tuner and antennas.
    Same performance with all makes or homemade rigs.
    The operator has only to move the “Frequency Tuning Knob” in the transceiver!!!
  • Wide frequency coverage
    1.8 MHz to 50 MHz including WARC Bands (US version available).
  • Full solid state!
    1 KW pep SSB out.; 900 W pep CW out (typ.) ; 700 W pep out. (typ.) on 50 MHz.
    FULL / HALF power selected according to the operator SSB/CW power requirement, for digital modes and for linear protection (automatic).
    No heating time, immediately ready!
    Virtually limitless life of the amplification elements (MOSFETs)!
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner built-in!
    Capable of matching 3:1 SWR on HF, and 2.5:1 SWR on 6 meters.
    Capable to manage 4 antennas (SO239 connectors).
    Bands, Antennas, Tuning conditions are changed in 10 msec.
    Bands, Antennas and Tuning conditions are managed also in “STBY“ to support the exciter only.
  • Two inputs available!
    SO239 connectors.
  • Driving Power 20 W (typ.)!
    In “OPERATE“ the needed power is automatically set.
    In “STBY“ the exciter is automatically resetted at full power.
  • Very clean and low distortion output!
    Spurious emissions less than -60 dB.
    3rd order distortion (two tone test) 36 dB typ.
  • Input 50 ohm always perfectly matched!
    SWR less than 1.2:1.
  • Fully protected!
    Temperature, Over Voltage, Over Current, SWR, Reflected Power, Max RF Tuner Voltage, Over Drive, Amp. Unbalances are continuously controlled.
    The same protections are realized in two different ways:
    • HW to assure great speed.
    • SW to assure great accuracy.
    Thanks to the SW, every commutation of relays is carried out with zero current in the contacts.
  • Full break-in operation (QSK)!
  • Normal / Contest operation to optimize the performances!
  • Continuos use!
    "FULL" mode: SSB unlimited, key down 4 minutes.
    "HALF" mode: SSB unlimited, key down 10 minutes.
  • Regulated power supply, input 230 / 115 Vac!
    With both the input voltages the out power doesn't change.
    A well designed hipersyl toroidal transformer reduces magnetic noise around linear.
  • The linear can be switched ON / OFF also switching ON / OFF the exciter!
  • With a large LCD display is possible to have a great deal of information!
    W pep out, V pa, I pa, W pep reflected, Power gain, Temperature, SWR, setted Input, setted CAT, Band and some other indications including an alarms log.
  • Easy to operate!
    A powerful SW allows a user-friendly.
  • RS 232 port for a PC control!
    A SW is supplied to remote the linear frontal panel as well as a list of command set for a new SWs.
  • Easy transportation!
    A small bag is supplied for “QSY, FIELD DAY, DX’ PEDITIONS etc.“.
  • Certifications
    CE , FCC
  • Good price for value!
    Compare price with those of big names.